I fucking hate American Dad. I love Seth MacFarlane's work, but I just really fucking hate American Dad. I hope like hell that show gets cancelled! ~ Cane
Hate # 4766
I fucking hate people who compare LeBron or Kobe to Michael Jordan. Fucking stop it, as good as those two are, they'll never be Michael or achieve the success he has. You don't see anybody else lining up to buy their ugly ass shoes. ~ Flacco
Hate # 4765
I fucking hate PETA. I mean I'm against cruelty to animals, but they just go overboard with it. ~ Pelaco
Hate # 4764
I fucking hate the sound of sycophantic laughter! ~ Tantric
Hate # 4763
I fucking hate spoiled semi-rich white kids. ~
Hate # 4762
I fucking hate all these whores who lose their virginity to pedophiles. ~
Hate # 4761
I fucking hate the following words. Selfie, YOLO,Swag, and Twerk. I fucking hate even more how the word Twerk has made its way into the Oxford Dictionary. That's one of the elite dictionaries and they allow that God awful word into it? Jeez, nobody utilizes the English language anymore. ~ Aiden
Hate # 4760
I fucking hate how people camp out in front of electronic stores and pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for Smartphones and game consoles. These people obviously have no lives and should fucking die. Shows you how far America has come *sarcasm* ~ Death Angel
Hate # 4759
I fucking when I hit a bomb when I'm playing Fruit Ninja. ~ Xandir
Hate # 4758
I fucking hate how Hollywood recycles many classic movies and they come out horrible. ~ Aeonflux
Hate # 4757
I fucking hate radical liberals. They're just as bad as radical conservatives. They give liberals like me a bad name. ~ Aeonflux
Hate # 4756
I fucking hate the sound of water dripping from the faucet at night. That's the most grating sound ever! ~ Aeonflux
Hate # 4755
I fucking hate rich people. ~ Aeonflux
Hate # 4754
I fucking hate how far conservatives are willing to go to make sure they win elections. They should be in jail. ~ Aeonflux
Hate # 4753
I fucking hate being allergic to so many things. Half of the things I can't eat, I actually want to try. As much as I like them, don't want to risk being in the hospital from anaphylactic shock. FML ~ Aeonflux
Hate # 4752
I fucking hate cleaning just for things to get fucking dirty again. ~ Aeonflux
Hate # 4751
I fucking hate that my weekends don't last long enough. ~ Horus
Hate # 4750
I fucking hate Joan Rivers. And her fucking daughter. Both of them need to jump off a bridge and die. ~ Amanda
Hate # 4749
I fucking hate how I like iced coffee, but I fucking hate coffee in general. ~
Hate # 4748
I fucking hate that Chick Fil-A's logo is a cow. Shouldn't it be a fucking chicken? ~ CODDude
Hate # 4747