I fucking hate stupid fucking people with going on and on and fucking on about people who are depressed. Fucking hell we are not whiny we have a brain chemical problem that keeps us from feeling happiness. I want to be able to wish that you would get to experience how it is fucking firsthand instead of complaining about mentally ill people so you can see what it's like up and fucking close, but I don't think you can handle it since you live in a sheltered little fucking world where your biggest fucking problem is other people who have a mental illness. ~ Fuckinghateyou
Hate # 4878
I fucking hate chinks. ~ Adolf Hitler
Hate # 4877
I fucking hate niggers. ~ Adolf Hitler
Hate # 4876
I fucking hate the Ku Klux Klan. What a bunch of fucking idiots. It's assholes like them who give some white southerners like me a bad name. ~ Ted
Hate # 4875
I fucking hate how disorders like autism and ADHD are over diagnosed. Especially ADHD that's diagnosed to a child who is merely a brat. ~ BWA
Hate # 4874
I fucking hate the right. The left have their flaws too, they're not perfect, but whatever flaws they have pale in comparison to the extremist radical fact and logic rejecting brainwashed right-wing movement that's going on. I won't go into further detail, but someone needs to lock the door of the asylum these loonies are coming from. ~ Rebel in Chief
Hate # 4873
I fucking hate the PTC. I fucking hate dumb clueless parents who blame violent video games, music with explicit lyrics, and other things like pro wrestling on why their children become violent and out of control. Oh, that's obviously it, it couldn't be a result of irresponsible parenting, negligence, and lack of involvement in your child's interest. ~ Rebel in Chief
Hate # 4872
I fucking hate how so much shit is going on these days, but all conservatives have time to do is bash Obama for wearing a tan suit. Anything really. Let's be honest. It's not the tan suit that's sticking a whole in your craw. It's the tan man in the tan suit. ~ Rebel in Chief
Hate # 4871
I fucking hate when I or someone else dislike something like food, a tv show, or even an animal, people try to convince you why it's so great and why you should try it. Stop, just stop. This is a free country, and I'm entitled to not like something. Just because you like it, doesn't mean everyone else should too. I don't mind you defending whatever you is you like. While I'll listen for your reasons of liking something, I'll still maintain that I don't fucking like it. End of story! ~ Rebel In Chief
Hate # 4870
I fucking hate how nerd culture has become mainstream because of lame ass shows like Big Bang Theory. I don't hate nerds, so don't go judging me about that, but ages ago, nobody wanted to be a nerd, and now this show comes out, being a nerd is cool. I hate how people who so shallow and follow trends just because everyone else is following. I hate using this analogy, but too many Indians and not enough chiefs. Be true to yourself and stop following others, assholes. ~ Rebel In Chief
Hate # 4869
I fucking hate critics. Any critic. Movie critics, food critics, sports critics, they all fucking suck. In the end, they're just assholes with opinions. Supercilious, shallow opinions. Fuck them all. ~ Rebel In Chief
Hate # 4868
I fucking hate that most news outlets are nothing but a fucking dog and pony act nowadays. Ratings whores. ~ Mindless Soul
Hate # 4867
I fucking hate the whiny anonymous cunt posting in purple font with their pages and pages of complete and utter whiny self contained and pietistic nonsense. I hate people who rant about how much they hate their life and chastise others who enjoy their own life because theirs is so fucked up. People who always rant with no solutions are fucking whiners. ~ Mindless Soul
Hate # 4866
I fucking also hate people who use the shitty excuse for drinking coffee. They need it to stay up. What complete and utter garbage! Eat a fucking apple, it's healthier and they make you feel more awake than fucking coffee. ~ Devil Racer
Hate # 4865
I fucking hate coffee! I fucking hate the smell of it more than anything. I fucking hate coffee snobs. I fucking hate people who think I'm weird because I hate coffee. I fucking hate people who freak out and snap at you because they haven't had a fucking cup of coffee. It's not the end of the fucking world! Grow up! ~ Devil Racer
Hate # 4864
I fucking hate listening to my teenage sister whine about her boyfriend not answering the phone. Whining about anything really. She is such a fucking spoiled brat. ~ stfu
Hate # 4863
I fucking hate picky eaters. Starve to death and die you fucking spoiled brats! ~ Artie
Hate # 4862
I fucking hate French people, stupid snail eating, white flag waving frog bastards. Do us all a favor and impale yourself on the Eiffel Tower, cheese eating surrender monkeys!! 'Murica! ~ Tea Party Bob
Hate # 4861
I fucking hate when Barrack Obama get his dirty nose into European's business. I hate when stupid commies who love him try to teach us lessons about humans rights. I hate stupid socialist french government trying to involve us into a 3rd world war with Russia. ~ French Cracker
Hate # 4860
I fucking hate Adolf Hitler, the knob gobblin' half kike piece of shit. I hope he gets gang raped by a bunch of illegal Guatemalan immigrants. ~ Grave Mistake
Hate # 4859