Biochemistry super sucks and I hate it times infinity ~ Katherine Gabriella
Hate # 5015
I fucking hate potheads. For the last time, you don't fucking smoke beer. You drink it. ~
Hate # 5014
I fucking hate these articles listed "Foods You Should Never Eat blah, blah, blah" What do they take these random know it alls from the street and just give them the title of journalists? Unless you're a nutritionist or dietitian, you have no right to tell people what to eat. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 5013
I fucking hate this gluten free craze. Unless you have fucking Celiac's disease you're not fucking allergic to gluten. We've been eating bread since the dawn of time and now everyone wants to have gluten free food? GTFOH! PLEASE! ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 5012
I fucking hate hipsters ~ Rellik
Hate # 5011
I fucking hate when they got to the part of remember the stars we lost in 2015, they left out Dusty Rhodes, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Scott Weiland, and Lemmy Kilmister. They were part of pop culture too you selective fucks! ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 5010
I fucking hate how rich people and law enforcement literally get away with murder. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 5009
I fucking hate Frank Garrett. His mama is a fat nigger ape, making him a half breed nigger. Jump in front of a speeding bus you stupid fucking house nigger! ~ Vinyard
Hate # 5008
I fucking hate niggers. ~ Frank Garrett
Hate # 5007
I fucking hate Christians who arrogantly try to cram their religion down my throat but bitch about Muslims and Jews as being "extremists."'Well who the fuck are you show up on my front porch every fucking Saturday morning when every other self respecting American is nursing a hangover. Get some fun in your life bitch and stop annoying the rest of us! ~ sisterhagatha
Hate # 5006
I fucking hate niggers. ~ Frank Garrett
Hate # 5005
I hate the color black. I hate any dark color. If it's not white, it's not right. ~ Kerwin White
Hate # 5004
I fucking hate Amanda Seyfried. Fucking bug eyed cunt. ~ Frank Garrett
Hate # 5003
I fucking hate niggers. ~ Frank Garrett
Hate # 5002
I fucking hate how they Put a warning label on draincleaner whoever us stupid enough to drink that shit should fucking die ~ Fuck You
Hate # 5001
I fucking hate today's coffee day. I fucking hate that I look for anti-coffee memes and get overwhelmingly pro-coffee means. Seriously, am I the only adult on this planet that fucking hates coffee?! Fuck coffee and the people who sip that rancid liquid diarrhea! ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 5000
I fucking hate people who constantly Foodstagram. It's annoying and disruptive. No one fucking cares what you had to eat. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4999
I fucking hate Marty Friedman. May he choke on a million cocks and asphyxiate. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4998
I fucking hate how much flack Meghan Trainor received for "All About That Bass", by so many vain small minded assholes. She wasn't fucking promoting obesity, she was encouraging people to love themselves and that they're beautiful no matter how they view themselves. It had a positive fucking message. People make songs fat shaming people all of the time, and nobody was offended, but she says one line about skinny bitches people get bent out of shape. I hate how people become outraged by trivial bullshit. Get laid bitches. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4997
I fucking hate nigger music and gook music, because black music like hip-hop promotes nothing but degeneracy, all their jungle beats are sampled from "human music", and Asian music is nothing but a half-assed watered down, soulless copy version of Western music (mostly in their shitty ching-chong languages, and sometimes in "Engrish") played by a bunch of hideous-looking, rice-eating, slant-eyed faggot bastards with white man's instruments. THEY ALL HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR SOCIETY, WE SHOULD NOT ALLOW THEIR NOISE TO POLLUTE THE MINDS OF OUR CHILDREN! SOMEONE OUTLAW THESE UNTERMENSCH FROM THE MUSIC, TO KEEP THE SCENE WHITE. WHITE POWER MOTHERFUCKERS. ~ KaztheNazi
Hate # 4996