I fucking hate niggers and gooks, because blacks are filth and asians always get on my nerves!! WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE 14/88 ~ KaztheNazi
Hate # 4982
I fucking hate that my friends think I'm girly for drinking things like Long Island Iced Tea or Apple Ale. Or anything that's alcopop. I fucking hate that macho bravado bullshit. Who says men have to drink only beer and whiskey? Why can't I enjoy what I like? Unlike them, I have enough confidence in my masculinity and don't have to resort to ostentatious machismo to prove it. I like alcopop. I said it. Got a fucking problem with it? ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4981
I fucking hate the Mark Henry hasn't received an Academy Award yet. Or an Oscar. His performance was stellar. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4980
I fucking hate the person whose idea it was to bottle a basic need and sell it to people. That is so fucking evil. Corporations are doing this in California, taking the water and bottling it up and selling it at 600%. Why should we have to pay for things that is essential to survival? This proves that corporations are not human beings. Why am I the only one who's noticing this shit? ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4979
I fucking hate how crazy my fucking family drives me. My father is verbally and emotionally abusive to my mother, my mom is in poor health and doesn't understand that the cocktail of medications are making her worse (thanks a fucking lot, big pharma and quacks) and gets angry when I tell her she shouldn't be eating things like potato chips. My brother whines incessantly and takes his anger out on others and blows up over minor bullshit. My sister doesn't do anything but use the phone all fucking day. I want to move the fuck out, but can't afford it. I'm going through my own fucking issues, and it's not fair to me that I have to deal with their bullshit too. Seriously, the minute I step foot in this wretched home, it saps my happiness right out of me. I fucking hate living in poverty, and living a life of complete aimlessness, although I have dreams and ambitions. I wish I was dead. ~ Damned
Hate # 4978
I fucking hate that this website doesn't allow us to edit our hates. I've made a few mistakes in my rants and it makes me seem illiterate. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4977
I fucking hate that people fail to see ISIS as the extremist fanatical cult that they are. They have all the characteristics of a fucking cult. Why else would American youth defect to Syria to join them? They're being brainwashed. They are more dangerous than any other cult I've seen, and the world are taking them way too lightly. Am I the only person who fucking sees this? ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4976
I fucking hate how the media brainwashes everyone to the point where they like to use things for scapegoats. Like when some dumb ass kid shoots up a school, they blame video games and music for corrupting youth. What video game was Charles Whitman playing when he shot those people from the tower? I fucking hate how some idiots blame the book The Catcher in the Rye for Mark David Chapman killing John Lennon. The book wasn't to blame. Chapman was a twisted fanatical zealot douche. I fucking hate people who don't accept responsibility and are in denial. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4975
I fucking hate some females who get angry at their spouse because they dreamed about them with another female. That's so childish. Grow the fuck up. Also, I fucking hate when some females get PMS, they think it gives them an iron-clad excuse to be a bitch to people. I fucking hate that people find a reason to argue with you and project their own insecurities and short comings on you. Male AND Female. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4974
I hate/can't stand life. Fucking people. Fucking common sense not being common. Fucking bills, fucking working crazy hours just to get old and die while not enjoying yourself. Fuck this shit. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it in the ass sideways, upside down, side to side, back and forth, up and down, and every which way and direction possibly know to mankind. *SCREAM* ~ fuckthis
Hate # 4973
I fucking hate CM Punk fans. They are the worst fans ever. They are like the Yankee fans of wrestling. Obnoxious, stupid and dogmatic. Let's be clear, I don't hate CM Punk at all. The guy is the total package. But I really hate this demented idea that he is the best in the world. This pipebomb shit. Wrestlers like Roddy Piper,Bret Hart, ECW wrestlers, Stone Cold, Undertaker, just to name a few were dropping pipebombs before pipebombs were named. I hate how his fans whine incessantly about how unfair he was treated. Let's call a spade a spade. Punk didn't get mistreated by WWE because he was outspoken. He was an arrogant self-righteous, whiny little pussy who thought he was greater than he actually was. He was the Kanye West of wrestling. I hate how some seem to think he's set unprecedented standards in wrestling. The shit he does, other guys before him have done. Back to his fans, I hate how they don't respect anyone not CM Punk and actually scream obscenities at children because they like John Cena. Really fucking mature, a 29 year old man arguing with a 10 year old. You must be fucking proud! I fucking hate modern wrestling fans, especially the Internet ones. I won't blame them entirely, but they played a role in the fall of wrestling with their dirtsheets, spoilers, wannabe journalist with their half assed dogmatic and pretentious articles. Fuck you IWC cunts, you are nothings who will never graduate from your parents' basements. PIPEBOMB that! ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4972
I fucking hate that people refer to the GOP or right as conservatives. Stop fucking calling them conservatives. Conservative is derived from the word conserve, which means to protect from damage or destruction. They don't fucking conserve anything, except their billion dollar investments and old biased laws designed to keep WASPs in power. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4971
I fucking hate shaming. In any form. Victim shaming, fat shaming, thin shaming. I fucking hate bullying, I fucking hate the fact that we live in a world, where making fun of people because of the way they look or being a victim of a crime is acceptable, even encouraged. I fucking hate the human race as a whole. There's no hope for us. There are a few good people out there, but majority of us are savages who rape, maim, and kill, enslave and imprison our own kind, as well as other creatures. We are a fucking virus that destroy everything we get our hands on. Humans are the true vermin, not any insect or rodent. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4970
I fucking hate that guys like Chris Brown, Ray Rice and Floyd Mayweather are revered and admired. They're fucking woman beating scumbags. It goes back to one of my previous hates. Things that were considered shameful is now the norm. They're bitches. Any man who has to beat up on a female to establish his dominance is a bitch. Hit a man fuckers, you'd get trashed. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4969
I fucking hate Dems and Repugs...both parties are full of fucking shit. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4968
I fucking hate that Dusty Rhodes is dead. I fucking hate how many people I admire are dead. Everyone I hate is still alive...go fucking figure. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4967
I fucking hate that the IWC fail to realize what whiny, fat zitty, man boob having monkey turds they are. Just because you have a blog and post your opinion it and like 15 people follow it, you are of no importance. You don't know everything about the in and outs of wrestling, you fucking dogmatic, deluded dicksnots. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4966
I fucking hate that fat illegitimate spawn of Jabba the Hutt and Tony Soprano, Chris Christie. The guy looks like when he sweats, he smells like bacon grease. I fucking hate that his anti-marijuana stance when he has associates profiting off of medical marijuana. I fucking hate he had the gall to talk about drug addicts with no self-control, when he can't even control his fucking weight, spending $300,000 of our fucking money on food and drinks at football games. I hope he chokes on a ham sandwich and dies, the fat morass of walking cholesterol. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4965
I fucking hate how overused the word overrated is. I fucking hate when people say they don't like certain figures and things because it's overrated. When I ask them to explain why they think it's overrated, they never come up with a legit answer other than it's overrated. I fucking dogmatic douchebags. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4964
I fucking hate when Selena died, the ignorant asshole told the Latino population to get over it. The same fucks who still celebrate and mourn that fat hillybilly drug addict who died on a toilet, Elvis. Selena was a positive role model for them, and they're always portraying Latinos in the media as petty violent criminals. She meant everything to them, just like Elvis meant everything to you fuckers. ~ The Prodigal Hater
Hate # 4963