I fucking hate Ben Carson. How could a guy who was so good at his job, be such an idiot? Demonizes poor people on government assistance when he went to college on said government assistance, fucking filthy hypocrite. A hypocrite and an Uncle Tom. Whatever respect I had for him is completely gone. Fuck you Carson go back to the hole you came from and stay there and die! ~ fuckbencarson
Hate # 4939
I fucking hate when people say you can't use their shit, when if it weren't for you, you wouldn't fucking have shit in the first place. I fucking hate how kin can piss you off more than anyone else in the world can. ~ SR429
Hate # 4938
I fucking hate people who think Judge Judy is mean spirited. Fucking hell, she's not mean, she is just a tough no-nonsense woman. You would be that way too if people wasted your time with their bullshit stories that are really transparent. People are such overly sensitive pussies they can't handle criticism. Judge Judy is fucking awesome. Love her insults. ~ Craig
Hate # 4937
I fucking hate how it's okay for blacks to be racist and nobody else can be. Black supremacy is just as fucking bad as white supremacy. I fucking hate how blacks get angry when a white person calls them the N word, but they feel justified in calling them "crackers" which is equally offensive. Racism is BAD period! Hate serves no fucking purpose. We should be learning to love each other instead of using race to promote violence! ~ Vic Vance
Hate # 4936
I fucking hate how this site has been taken over by trolls and whiny pussy losers mostly. What the fuck happened to guys like Wakasm and Speed Demon or Jymmi? Where the fuck are they when you need them? Come back!!! ~ formerfuckinghater
Hate # 4935
I fucking hate how people are void of human compassion these days and instead of helping people who suffer from a mental disorder, they dismiss it as that person being selfish, self-pitying and/or attention seeking. When they seek help they say the least helpful things like suck it up or what do you have to be sad about or one upsmanship bullshit such as I've been through worse than you, that's nothing. Fuck off. ~ D
Hate # 4934
I fucking hate that I'll never be happy. PTSD. Hatred. Love. Numbness. So much anger. I think I'll kill myself soon. The only people that would miss me are in the past. I fucking hate that we have to scrounge around trying to make life tolerable because there is so much wrong with the world and people that unnecessary violence and prejudice reign supreme. Even though you'd never read this, Kara Peck, my dear friend, you were the one. ~ Ihatemyname
Hate # 4933
~ I ha
Hate # 4932
I fucking hate Juggalos...nothing but a bunch of pussy posers. Fuck the whole genre. ~ Death Angel
Hate # 4931
I fucking hate ketchup. Point fucking blank. Why can't we do like Europe and ban that poor excuse of a condiment? ~ Brain Dead Fuck
Hate # 4930
I fucking hate people who accuse others of being self-righteous, when they exemplify it. ALL humans are self-righteous time to time. Stop acting like everyone else is when you are half of the fucking time! ~ Miserable Oaf
Hate # 4929
I fucking hate the way the American media demonizes victims of crimes as if they deserved what happened to them. I fucking hate how its contributed to Americans becoming void of human empathy. ~ Warpath
Hate # 4928
I fucking hate how bad I want to be a published author, but I don't have the credentials, or the talent to be one. I fucking hate that I will never be as brilliant as my heroes, I will never have the ability to capture an audience the way they do, I'll always be mediocre at best. I have nothing fucking else to fall back on..this is it for me.... my miserable existence is my fucking destiny... ~
Hate # 4927
I fucking hate that I didn't further elaborate in the previous hate. I fucking hate that I have command of linguistics but I can never properly articulate. ~
Hate # 4926
I fucking also hate people who look down on other people who refuse to follow pointless trends or fads and accuse them of hating things just for the sake of hating it. I think the real problem is that you can't stand the fact that they're not a fucking phony and have enough self confidence to be who they want to be and it threatens your shallow Disneyesque world. ~
Hate # 4925
I fucking hate people who think that just because they make the smallest amount of progress in their lives, they're better than everyone. They look down on people for their lifestyle choices when just a few months ago, they were doing the same thing. ~
Hate # 4924
I fucking hate how people are clueless to what's going on around them. I mean there's classism, a do nothing congress, and a bunch of other issues, but people would rather worry about what trend to follow, which celebrity is getting a divorce, which celebrity is gay, or what sports athlete is getting traded to another team. They'd rather listen to self flattering sensationalist bullshit then address real issues. ~ Celtic Warrior
Hate # 4923
I fucking hate how superficial people are. ~ Celtic Warrior
Hate # 4922
I fucking hate my work coach. He's such a self centered prick. I hope he gets hit by a fucking car and dies. I'm so fucking tired of him putting me at the bottom because I'm "not as cool as everyone else". fuck you dude. ~ Rep
Hate # 4921
I fucking hate it when you step in dogshit barefoot. Fucking gross. ~ Hater
Hate # 4920