I fucking hate Nick and Nate Diaz. I hope Anderson Silva and Rafael Dos Anjos respectively beat the shit out of them both! ~ BuddhaStar
Hate # 4901
I fucking hate the Boomerang Channel now. ~ The Goof
Hate # 4900
I fucking hate reality shows. ~ Death Angel
Hate # 4899
I fucking hate you all. ~ Seven
Hate # 4898
I fucking hate people that play airsoft ~ rdf
Hate # 4897
I fucking hate that fat, impatient bitch. Always fucking complaining about stupid shit that doesn't matter. Always blaming me for shit that I can't do anything about. Fuck you. Get over yourself. It's not the end of the fucking world if things don't go exactly how you want them to. Chill the fuck out, bitch. ~ Grrrrr
Hate # 4896
I fucking hate that nobody lined up to vote this year, but everybody lines the fuck up when Black Friday came around. Sick of the imbeciles in this fucking country. ~ sickofthisfuckingcountry
Hate # 4895
I fucking hate all of of you motherfucking backwoods retards from the south... Fucking bible belt, lol... More like a bitch belt... The only moral standards I see down south, is passing a meth pipe, fucking your sisters, and passing HIV... Fuck you all... We should have slaughtered you all when we beat you imbreds in the civil war. ~ r3habrob
Hate # 4894
I fucking hate niggers. I'm so glad I put that porch monkey in the ground. ~ Officer Darren Wilson
Hate # 4893
I fucking hate all of the stupid chicks who fell in love with the guy who had the sexy mugshot. What I hate even more is the scumbag landed a deal with a modeling agency, basically rewarding him for his behavior. I don't get America's fascination with criminals and losers. Self identification or what? ~ greeneyedgirl
Hate # 4892
I fucking hate how many songs written today are shallow, repetitive and meaningless, and are clearly written to market to clueless impressionable teens. ~ The Dude
Hate # 4891
I fucking hate my neighbor. ~ Neighbor
Hate # 4890
I fucking hate selfish and apathetic people. This whole country is going to hell. ~
Hate # 4889
I fucking hate what an oligarchy America is becoming. ~
Hate # 4888
I fucking other guyanese people. I as specially hate other guyanese girls. I'm Guyanese American. Guyanese from Guyana think they're better than guyanese Americans. They act like being born in a shiiit country makes them special. When they Americanize they become trash. Almost all the guyanese girls my age worship Kim Kardashian and field slave self hatingNNicki minaj. They have a huge colorism issue. Most of the black and indian people are dark. I'm light skin and multi racial so I get a lot of hate from darker skin guyanese people. I would never date a guyanese guy. ~ Ogboga
Hate # 4887
I fucking hate that most of these hates are just written by a bunch of emotionally immature douchebags who get their rocks off by flaming one another. ~ R.C.
Hate # 4886
I fucking hate a lot about teenagers. ~ R.C.
Hate # 4885
I fucking hate that dumb Nazi half Hebe cunt bastard Gaydolf Hitler. At least some of us "injuns" are still around. You're 6 f under rotting as you should. Fuck you and your Third Reich you insecure little man. ~ Chief Running Bear
Hate # 4884
I hate filthy, drunken injuins. We should have just enslaved and killed you red niggers, instead of using tax payer dollars to give you reservations to sit around and drink all day. ~ Adolf Hitler
Hate # 4883
I fucking hate honkeys. Ship those retarded fucks back to Europe! ~ Chief Running Bear
Hate # 4882